King snakes

King snakes species inhabit Americas from southeastern Canada 🇨🇦 to southern Ecuador. They eat other snakes. The several species vary widely in size and coloration. Most king snakes have quite vibrant patterns on their skins.

the people of brazil

Some Brazilians have ancestors who were brought by force to Brazil from Africa. Brazil is the worlds fifth populated country. About half of all people in south america live in Brazil. Brazilian come from many backgrounds. Many Brazilians have ancestors who came from Portugal, Spain, Germany or other European country’s. There is about 201 people in Brazil.

food of Brazil

Meal preparation in Brazil often starts with a trip to the farmer’s market. Shoppers find fruit,vegetables,grains,meat,and fish at open air markets. On Saturdays families feast on fejioada. Brazilians drink strong black coffee. In the amazon region people cook up fresh fish pulled from rivers.


Most of Mexico cities lie on a large plateau in the middle of Mexico. Tropical rain forests lie in the far south where the weather is the hotter. Mountainsides covered in forest slope down to meet rolling hill and plains. Snowy peaks surround the plateau. In some places the flat land rises more then one mile.